Ready to Serve Minnesota

Ready to Serve Minnesota

Hi Burnsville and Eagan friends,

Please allow me to introduce myself and ask for your support in keeping Minnesota a great place to live and succeed. To do that we need to make sure government works for the people instead of special interests. It seems almost weekly we hear a story of malfunctioning government or politicians who are more interested in assigning blame than solving problems. That’s why I am running to represent district 51A in Burnsville and Eagan.

First, a little bit about me. I’m a Minnesota native, born and raised. I attended Carleton College, where I majored in economics and political science, and then the University of Minnesota Law School where I concentrated in business law. Now I want to bring my skills to bear by serving the state of Minnesota, writing laws that work for you. I look forward to getting to know you more throughout the course of this campaign.

Too many Minnesotans are struggling against a system that seems rigged against them. Too often government fails to deliver the results we deserve, wasting your hard-earned money and taxing you too much for too few results. As representative, I will work to:

  • Lower the cost of health insurance for families struggling with rising premiums and deductibles, while making sure those that need care receive it.
  • Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse within government by bringing oversight to wasteful programs and unaccountable bureaucrats.
  • Cut taxes for working- and middle-class Minnesotans so you can take home more of your earnings.
  • Ensure high-quality education for all Minnesotans, including training for the jobs of the future and lowering the achievement gap in our public schools.
  • Maintain high-quality roads and bridges with less congestion.
  • Ease regulations that burden working Minnesotans and small business owners so our economy will work for everyone.

I hope you’ll join me in working together to make sure that Minnesota can stay a great state to live, work, grow up, or start a family. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns with this website’s contact form.

Jim Kiner