Standing up for Minnesotans

I’m running for state representative because there is a fundamental disconnect between what our politicians have promised and what they have delivered. Every election season the same familiar faces step forward and offer up the same stale, poll-tested speeches, and every year it seems that our government grows more dysfunctional, our day-to-day needs get more expensive, and practical solutions seem further away. It’s time to put partisan politics aside and solve the everyday problems that face Minnesotans. Here are a few things I want to work on for you:

Let’s Make Healthcare Affordable Again

You should have high-quality healthcare that fits your needs and your budget. Too many of us strain under the high cost of insurance, and we need affordable, right-sized options that work for us. We should offer more options for Minnesotans in need of relief while still ensuring quality coverage for those in need of care.

Let’s Keep Our Economy Strong

High taxes and red tape are holding us back from even more opportunities. Easing these burdens will help raise wages and offer more opportunities for hard-working families. Reducing tax rates on our lowest tax brackets will mean bigger paychecks for everyone, especially the hard-working Minnesotans who need it most. 

Let’s Ensure Better Education for a Brighter Future

In this changing economy, it’s more important than ever that our schools prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. We need high-quality schools and improved career and technical education programs for those who want to start working right away. We should rein in college tuition costs so our next generation can start careers without being saddled with debt.

Let’s Build High Quality, Congestion-Free Roads

We should fully fund transportation projects and ensure pothole-free, fast commutes for our community. Properly funding our roads and bridges is one of the core functions of state government, and we need to make it one of our top priorities.

Let’s Keep Better Track of How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent

It seems like every week we hear another news report about our money being spent unwisely. The stories range from $93 million spent on a malfunctioning license and registration system, to reports of daycare fraud, to failing to ensure recipients of government aid remain eligible for the programs they are enrolled in. I’ll work hard for you to make sure your money is being spent wisely.

I Am Proud to Be Endorsed by: