Honored to be Endorsed for District 51A

We had great turnout on Saturday in the SD51 convention. It was wonderful to have a chance to talk with so many supporters and delegates at Dakota Hills. At the convention I was honored to be endorsed by unanimous acclimation by the delegates from house district 51A.

Kiner Speech
Jim Kiner, with supporters behind, delivers his endorsement acceptance speech.

We also had a few candidates and familiar faces at our convention. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

I’m looking forward to a great campaign. Onward to victory in November!

Events Coming Up: Organizational Meeting Thursday March 1, Convention Saturday, March 3!

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 1, at 7:00 pm we’re having an informal organizational meeting for the campaign. If you’re interested in getting involved to volunteer, let me know. My contact information, as always, is in the contact tab. Give me a call and I’ll give you details. There’s no better time to get involved than early!

Also, I’m looking forward to seeing all of Senate District 51’s delegates at the Saturday, March 3, convention. It has been wonderful getting to know everyone in these early stages of the campaign so far, and I look forward to another opportunity to see you face to face. There’s no better way to get to know what issues are most important to our community than getting together to discuss them, so thank you all for signing up to be delegates and make your voices heard.

Stay tuned for more updates as the campaign progresses.



Remember to Caucus on February 6

Hello friends,

Minnesota’s precinct level caucuses are on February 6! Are you ready? Do you know where your caucus is? You can double-check this information at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s caucus finder website.

The Republican party’s caucus for our district (Minnesota Senate District 51) will meet on Tuesday, February 6th at Dakota Hills Middle School, located at 4183 Braddock Trail, Eagan, MN 55122.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • 6:00pm Doors Open
  • 6:15pm District Wide Assembly
  • 7:00pm Official Proceedings Begin

Before you arrive, double check that you live in our district. If you do not live in this district, your caucus will be a different location. You can double-check this information at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s caucus finder website.

The Gubernatorial Straw Poll is expected to start shortly after 7:00. Please show up early so you can get to your precinct room. If you get to your room after the Straw Poll begins, you may not be able to vote.

In addition to the Gubernatorial Straw poll, you will also have the opportunity to elect delegates to the SD51 GOP convention, vote on precinct officers, and propose resolutions, action items, and changes to the party platform.

To be eligible to participate in this caucus an individual:

  • Must currently live in the precinct.
  • Must be eligible to vote in and be age 18 or older at the time of the next primary or general election, which is November 6th, 2018.
  • Must be in agreement with the principles of the Republican party, and must have either voted or affiliated with the Party in the last general election, or must intend to vote or affiliate with the Party in the next general election.
  • Must not have participated or intend to participate another Party’s precinct caucus this year.

I can’t wait to see you there!